Past Inquiries

Inquiry Report By Submissions Closed

Committee Secretariat Contact

Parliament House
George Street


Committee Membership

Hon. Neil Turner MLA, Chair, Member for Nicklin
Hon. Terry Mackenroth MLA, Deputy Chair, Member for Chatsworth
Mr Stephen Bredhauer MLA, Member for Cook
Mr Tony FitzGerald MLA, Member for Lockyer
Hon Jim Fouras MLA, Member for Ashgrove
Mr Bruce Laming MLA, Member for Mooloolah

Functions of the Committee

The information on this page relates to the committee of the 48th Parliament, which ended with the dissolution of the Parliament in May 1998.


The first Select Committee on Procedural Review was appointed on 19 October 1995 to inquire into the estimates committees. Its report — titled Review of the Estimates Committee Process — was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on 9 July 1996.

The second Select Committee on Procedural Review was appointed on 27 August 1997 by a motion of the House to inquire into the operation of the estimates committees. The second select committee reported to the Legislative Assembly on 23 April 1998.