Sessional Orders

Sessional Orders are motions passed by the Legislative Assembly which enable it to do certain things and take certain actions not overed by Standing Orders or are designed to supersede a particular Standing Order of the duration of a parliamentary session.

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Standing Rules and Orders

Section 11 of the Parliament of Qld Act 2001 requires the Legislative Assembly to prepare and adopt, from time to time, Standing Rules and Orders for the conduct of parliamentary business. These Standing Orders govern the conduct of business and proceedings in the House and are to be read in conjunction with any Sessional Orders and the practices of the House.

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Parliamentary Procedures Handbook

This handbook is designed to inform Ministers, other Members of the Legislative Assembly and departmental officers of the various procedures associated with the major functions of the Parliament.

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Code of Ethical Standards

The purpose of the code is to assist Members to better understand the nature of their public office and the distinct obligations that arise by virtue of that office; provide an educative tool to assist Members manage conflicts of interest and resolve ethical dilemmas; and provide an overview of the current obligations which Members are required to observe.

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Citizens Right of Reply Information

The Right-of-Reply relates to statements made in the Legislative Assembly which refer to a person or corporation either by name, or in such a way as to allow them to be readily identified, and to statements which, had they been made outside Parliament, could reasonably be considered actionable in a court of law. The Ethics Committee has the responsibility of advising the Legislative Assembly as to individual requests for a Citizen's Right of Reply. (Refer to Chapter 46 of the Standing Rules and Orders of the Legislative Assembly for more information).