answers to parliamentary questions on notice

Questions on Notice

The text of all questions on notice asked each sitting day is published in the Questions on Notice section of the next day’s Notice Paper. The Notice Paper is published on the internet at Latest Sitting Dates.

Due Date

In accordance with Standing Order 114 answers should be supplied to the Table Office within 30 calendar days. If the 30th day is not a business day for the Table Office, the answers are due by the next business day. The due date is included in the Notice Paper.

Electronic Lodgement

Answers must be emailed by an appropriate ministerial/departmental officer to

It is preferable that where there is more than one answer they be included in one email.

Confirmation of Receipt

The Parliament’s tabling officer will confirm receipt of the answers (by email to the ministerial/departmental officer).

The ministerial/departmental officer should contact the Table Office if they do not receive a confirmation email within a reasonable period (for example, by 5pm on the day after the answer was provided).

Publication and Distribution of Answers

Answers are published on the Parliament’s website and distributed by email to the Member who asked the question and other clients who have subscribed to receive answers to questions on notice.

Answers should be provided by 5pm on the due date. Answers must comply with Standing Orders. The Table Office confirms receipt of complying answers.

Replacement Answers

It should be noted that the Table Office adopts the following procedure for replacement answers:

– original answer is provided to the Table Office
– answer is tabled and published (together with tabling date) on the website
– answer is circulated to the Member who asked the question and to other clients
– replacement answer is provided to the Table Office
– replacement answer is tabled
– original answer is removed from the website (but remains a tabled document even though it is no longer on the website)
– replacement answer is published (together with replacement tabling date) on the website
– replacement answer is circulated to the Member who asked the question and to other clients.

Further Information

Any enquiries regarding these requirements should be directed to the Chamber and Procedural Services Office (telephone: 07 3553 6401; email:

Dissolution of Parliament

Any questions on notice that have not been answered at the time the Parliament is dissolved are not required to be answered.

Layout and Format of Answers

Answers must be provided in searchable PDF format (not a scanned image).

Each answer must be provided as a separate file containing the complete answer, including any attachments (spreadsheets, tables, etc).

The first page of each answer must include the question on notice number, the date the question was asked, the name of the Member asking the question, the full text of the question and the Minister’s portfolio and name.


Question on Notice
No. 650
Asked on 12 February 2019

[MEMBER’S NAME] asked the Minister for [Portfolio] [(MINISTER’S NAME)]—

[Insert text of question.]

[Insert text of answer.]

File Naming

The pdf file name for each answer must comprise (in the following order and without spaces between) the question number, a dash and the year.

Example: The file name for the answer to Question on Notice no. 650 asked in 2019 would be 650-2019.pdf.