Past Inquiries

Inquiry Report By Submissions Closed

Committee Secretariat Contact

Parliament House
George Street


Committee Membership

Mr Peter Lawlor MP, Chair, Member for Southport
Mr Vaughan Johnson MP, Deputy Chair, Member for Gregory
Hon. Ken Hayward MP, Member for Kallangur
Mrs Dorothy Pratt MP, Member for Nanango
Mr Bob Quinn MP, Member for Robina
Mr Kerry Shine MP, Member for Toowoomba North
Ms Barbara Stone MP, Member for Springwood

Functions of the Committee

The information on this page relates to the committee of the 51st Parliament, which was discharged after the tabling of its report.


On 19 April 2005 the Legislative Assembly, on the motion of the Premier and Minister for Trade, resolved:

  1. That a select committee, to be known as the Palm Island Select Committee be appointed to examine a range of issues currently facing the Palm Island community. Noting the unique social structure and recent history of Palm Island, the challenge of delivering appropriate services in remote communities and the concept of partnerships between governments and Indigenous communities, the Committee will investigate and report on in particular:
    1. The effectiveness of local government arrangements and barriers to the provision of municipal services and propose options for improvement,
    2. Legal measures to ensure infrastructure development, can proceed particularly the stock of housing and Government facilities and residential accommodation,
    3. With a focus on youth, options to improve the coordination of government services specifically addressing skills development, sport, recreation and cultural needs.

The Palm Island Select Committee reported to the Queensland Parliament on Thursday, 25 August.