Speakers Corner protest

Speakers' Corner - Holding a peaceful gathering in front of Parliament House

The area in front of Parliament House  has traditionally been the scene of protests and gatherings.
In 2010, a Speakers' Corner was established to acknowledge this history and encourage peaceful gatherings in that area.
Speakers' Corner is in an open public space that serves as a thoroughfare from George Street to the Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point campus.
If you intend to hold a protest or rally in this area please contact the Queensland Police Service in advance.
Queensland Police Service advises that protests and rallies must be registered.
You can do this by completing a 'Notice of Intention to hold a Public Assembly' form and handing the completed form in at a police station or at the Magistrates Court nearest to where the assembly will be held with at least 5 days notice.

The 'Notice of Intention to hold a Public Assembly' form is here.

This form is published as part of the Queensland Police 'Register an Event' page here.