As the personal representative of the Sovereign, the Governor must always remain non-political. The Governor represents all Queenslanders and it is their duty to ensure that Queensland always enjoys stable government. The Governor has a range of other duties. One of the most important duties is the opening of the Parliament following a State election and the granting of Royal Assent to Bills passed in the Legislative Assembly. With the assent of the Governor given on behalf of the Sovereign, the Bill becomes an Act of Parliament and thus a law of the land.

The Governor presents medals of honour to people in the community for their good works and gives support to various charities and community-based organisations. Ambassadors and other special guests from overseas countries are received by the Governor at Government House and, above all, the Governor spends a great deal of time travelling throughout Queensland meeting the people, to gain a better understanding of their needs and to recognise their achievements.

Sir George Ferguson Bowen was appointed Queensland’s first Governor in 1859. His successors in the 19th and the early decades of the 20th centuries were drawn mostly from military, public service and diplomatic backgrounds. View past and present Governors of Queensland at