A major project to repair the exterior of the Parliamentary Annexe and refurbish Members' Annexe offices and bedrooms is currently underway and due for completion in early 2024.

Key project works include:

  • installation of extensive scaffolding on level 7 to facilitate access to the exterior of the building;
  • repairs to exterior Annexe façade and structures; and
  • refurbishment of Members' offices and overnight accommodation floors.

While the Parliamentary precinct in Brisbane will still continue to operate for the purpose of Parliamentary sittings, Committee proceedings and general support services, many floors and spaces from level 6 to 23 of the Parliamentary Annex have been deemed a construction zone with limited or no access for approximately 12 months.

Public access to Parliament House to view Parliamentary proceedings or attend public tours remain unchanged. Similarly the public may still book Parliament House catering events as advertised.

Parliamentary Annex with scaffolding April 2023