Past Inquiries

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Committee Secretariat Contact

Parliament House
George Street

Committee Membership

Mr Ian Rickuss MP, Chair, Member for Lockyer
Ms Jackie Trad MP, Deputy Chair, Member for South Brisbane
Mr Jason Costigan MP, Member for Whitsunday
Mr Sam Cox MP, Member for Thuringowa
Mr Shane Knuth MP, Member for Dalrymple
Mrs Anne Maddern MP, Member for Maryborough
Mr Michael Trout MP, Member for Barron River

Functions of the Committee

The information on this page relates to the committee of the 54th Parliament, which ended with the dissolution of the Parliament on 6 January 2015. 


The Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee was established by the Queensland Legislative Assembly on 18 May 2012 as a portfolio committee with responsibility for the following portfolios:

  • Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry;
  • Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection
  • Minister for Natural Resources and Mines.

The departments within the committee's areas of responsibility are:

  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • Environment and Heritage Protection, and
  • Natural Resources and Mines.

In relation to its areas of responsibility, the committee's role is to:

  • examine bills to consider the policy to be enacted;
  • examine the budget estimates for the portfolios within its responsibility;
  • examine bills for the application of the fundamental legislative principles set out in s.4 of the Legislative Standards Act 1992 (Qld);
  • consider the lawfulness of subordinate legislation;
  • assess the public accounts of each portfolio unit in regard to the integrity, economy, efficiency and effectiveness of financial management by:

- examining government financial documents and

- considering the annual and other reports of the Auditor-General, and

  • consider portfolio public works, in light of matters including, but not limited to the:

- suitability of the works for the purpose,

- necessity for the works,

- value for money of the works,

- revenue produced by, and recurrent costs of, the works, or estimates of revenue and costs,

- present and prospective public value of the works,

- procurement methods used for the works, and

- actual suitability of the works in meeting the needs in and achieving the stated purpose of the works.

The committee is also required to deal with any issue referred to it by the Legislative Assembly or under an Act, whether or not the issue is within the committee's areas of responsibility.