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Committee Secretariat Contact

Parliament House
George Street


Committee Membership

Ms Barbara Stone MP, Chair, Member for Springwood
Mr Andrew Cripps MP, Deputy Chair, Member for Hinchinbrook
Mr Jarrod Bliejie MP, Member for Kawana
Mr Steve Kilburn MP, Member for Chatsworth
Mr Ray Stevens MP, Member for Mermaid Beach
Mr Murray Watt MP, Member for Everton
Hon Dean Wells MP, Member for Murrumba Downs

Functions of the Committee

The information on this page relates to the committees of the 48th - 53rd Parliaments. This committee ceased to exist on 16 June 2011 by a motion in the House.


The Law, Justice and Safety Committee was a committee of the Queensland Parliament with a broad range of law reform responsibilities. The committee was established under the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001 (Qld). The committee was formerly the Legal, Constitutional and Administrative Review Committee.

On 19 May 2009, the Parliament of Queensland Amendment Bill was approved in the House amending the Parliament of Queensland Act to establish the Law, Justice and Safety Committee as a standing committee replacing the Legal, Constitutional and Administrative Review Committee.

Areas of responsibility

  • The Parliament of Queensland Act provides that the Committee has the following areas of responsibility:
  • Administrative review reform, including considering legislation about access to information, review of administrative decisions, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity employment. (However, the committee's jurisdiction does not extend to investigating particular conduct, or reviewing a decision to, or not to, investigate a particular complaint or decision.)
  • Constitutional reform, including any Bill expressly or impliedly repealing any law relevant to Queensland's Constitution.
  • Electoral reform, including monitoring generally the conduct of elections under the Electoral Act 1992 and the capacity of the Electoral Commission to conduct elections.
  • Legal reform, including recognition of Aboriginal tradition and Island custom under Queensland law and proposed national scheme legislation referred to the committee by the Legislative Assembly. (National scheme legislation refers to a Bill for an Act that is intended to be substantially uniform with or complementary to legislation of the Commonwealth or another State and whose operation may, under the Act, be changed by amendment of a law of the Commonwealth or another State.)
  • An area regarding law, justice or safety that is referred to the committee by the Legislative Assembly.

The Committee had a number of other statutory responsibilities in relation to the Queensland Ombudsman, the Information Commissioner and senior officers of the Electoral Commission of Queensland.  In addition, the Committee must "deal with" issues which are referred to the committee by the Legislative Assembly or under another Act, whether or not the issue is within the Committee's areas of responsibility.

By resolution of 23 April 2009, the Parliament established a select Committee for Law, Justice and Safety which has jurisdiction to monitor and report on issues in the policy areas of policing and public safety, emergency services, corrective services, justice and industrial relations.