1894 and 1897 Women’s Suffrage Petitions

In 1894 the Women’s Equal Franchise Association (WEFA) initiated a double petition – one for women to sign and the other for men – which played a key role in galvanising support for the women’s suffrage movement across Queensland. A second group of women through the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union canvassed support again in 1897.

Through a project organised in a partnership between the late Dr John McCulloch, Dr Deborah Jordan and the Queensland Parliament, and with the contribution of the Queensland Family History Society, these petitions have been digitally transcribed and developed into a database that is available to the public.

Background to the Women's Suffrage Petitions

Proposals for women’s suffrage in Queensland appeared as early as 1870, when, during a parliamentary debate on electoral reform, Queensland Premier Sir Charles Lilley suggested women should have the vote.

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Signatories to the Women's Suffrage Petitions

Everyone can search the database to find out whether their ancestors signed one of these petitions: did they play their part in Queensland's journey to democracy?

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