Appearing as a Witness

As part of their inquiry work committees often hold public hearings to build on the information provided to them in written submissions. These hearings provide the opportunity to those witnesses invited by committees to appear, to explain further or add to information included in their submissions. Hearings also give submitters an opportunity to respond to issues or arguments put forward in other written or oral (spoken) submissions.

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Making a Submission

Parliamentary committees welcome submissions to their inquiries into bills and other matters. Submissions add to a committee’s knowledge and understanding of issues relevant to the committee’s inquiry and may influence a committee’s recommendations to the Parliament.

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Guidelines for Public Service Employees

Code of Practice for Public Service employees assisting or appearing before parliamentary committees. These guidelines are contained at Schedule 8 of the Standing Orders.

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Public Interest Disclosures Policy

A public interest disclosure (PID) is a disclosure, in the public interest, of information about suspected wrongdoing in the public service. The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (Qld) (PID Act) requires entities to which PIDs may be made, to have in place a policy framework in respect of such disclosures. The policy applies to all members of the committees of the Legislative Assembly, committee staff members and any external person making a PID to a committee of the Legislative Assembly.

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