Notice Papers

This is the agenda of the Legislative Assembly. It includes information on the Bills and motions to be debated, Members' questions on notice and information about parliamentary committees. The Notice Paper is published at the end of each sitting day. An additional paper is produced on the Monday afternoon of each sitting week.

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Record of Proceedings

The Record of Proceedings is the official record of the debates and procedures of the Queensland Parliament's Legislative Assembly, that is, it is a record of what is said in the House and a record of the procedural events of the House. The Record of Proceedings is commonly referred to as Hansard.

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Questions on Notice

On every sitting day, each Member may ask one question on notice, usually to a Minister. The questions are published in the Notice Paper and the relevant Minister or Member has 30 days to provide an answer.

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Bills Register

The register provides the status of all Bills introduced to the Assembly, for example, if the Bill has been debated, amended, passed, assented to and when the legislation commences.

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The procedures of the Queensland Parliament are contained in these documents

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Procedural Bulletin

The bulletin is a record of selected matters of procedural interest including Speaker's rulings together with key statistics on the work of the House. It is published every 6 months.

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