During sitting days members of the public can view their parliament at work from the Legislative Assembly Chamber public gallery, subject to current capacity restrictions. For more information phone +61 7 3553 6000.

Located either side of the O'Donovan Library, on the second floor are the public galleries for both chambers.

The public gallery of each House is where members of the public may sit to watch the activities of the Parliament. Although the galleries were originally identical, changes over the years to accommodate technology and changed work practices have resulted in some minor differences.

The Legislative Assembly gallery also accommodates Hansard, media, and official guests with areas reserved for each of these purposes.

Hansard reporters, who transcribe the reports of debate in the House, are located directly above the Speaker's Chair. Also above the Speaker and to the right, is the Media Gallery where journalists report on the daily business of the House. To the left is where special guests of the Speaker, such as dignitaries and visiting parliamentarians, may sit to view parliamentary proceedings.

Please Note: All visitors to Parliament House require government issued photo identification.


Watch Parliament Online 

Members of the public can watch parliamentary proceedings live at Parliament TV