Urgently improve pedestrian safety along the Kelvin Grove Road corridor, and similar corridors across Brisbane

Eligibility - Queensland citizens
Principal Petitioner:
Caroline Gardam
PO Box 5790
Total Signatures - 562
Sponsoring Member: Mr Michael Berkman MP
Posting Date: 5/4/2024
Closing Date: 18/8/2024
TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland citizens draws to the attention of the House the intersection of Musk Avenue and Kelvin Grove is a dangerous and deadly intersection requiring immediate intervention. This intersection is the main entry to QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus. It is a high pedestrian-use access point, not only for the University, but also for two schools, and the Kelvin Grove urban village. The poor design of this road corridor, through the de-prioritisation of pedestrian safety and amenity, has been an issue raised by locals for many years. The critical reality of this situation was tragically revealed in January 2024, when 32-year-old QUT PhD student Arjun Srinivas lost his life following a traffic accident at the intersection while he was crossing the road.

Research shows the lower the speed limit, the higher chance of pedestrian survival. Queensland has recognised this through implementing lower speed limits in school zones and work zones.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to: 

  1. Reduce the speed limit on Kelvin Grove Road to 40 km/h from Herston Road through to the Normanby 5-way intersection.
  2. Review other dangerous intersections and road corridors in similar residential and high-use pedestrian areas for speed limit reduction.
  3. Review speed limits statewide, placing regard to pedestrian and cyclist safety as the first priority, and consider the use of speed cameras, speed breakers, skywalks, or other interventions to influence safe driver behaviours.
  4. Investigate the introduction of strict liability laws similar to article 185 in the Netherlands that positively influence safer motorist behaviour.