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Committee Secretariat Contact

Parliament House
George Street

Phone: +61 7 3553 6401

Email: [email protected]

Committee Membership

Leader of the House (or alternate)
Premier (or alternate)
Manager of Opposition Business (or alternate)
Cross-bench member nominated by the cross-bench (or alternate)

Functions of the Committee

The Business Committee is established by Sessional Order 3 of the 57th Parliament.  

The role of the Business Committee is to discuss how the House will deal with business.  Any decisions made by the Business Committee in accordance with that role, are not binding on the House and a Business Program motion is required. The Business Program motion may be moved at the time allocated for it in the Sessional Orders.  It may provide for the allocation of time for any business.


Mr Neil Laurie, Clerk of the Parliament
Ms Bernice Watson, First Clerk Assistant (Procedure)


Please note that not all committee hearings and briefings are broadcast.

Watch live and archived broadcasts of the Business Committee here.