Report No. 52, 54th Parliament - Liquid Fuel Supply (Ethanol) Amendment Bill 2014

committee's Report

The committee tabled its report on the Bill on 24 October 2014.

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Ministerial Response

A ministerial response on the committee's recommendations had not been received due to dissolution of the Legislative Assembly on 6 January 2015.

The Bill

The objective of the Bill is to amend the Liquid Fuel Supply Act 1984 to require minimum ethanol content in relation to the total volume of motor spirit sales in Queensland.

The Bill proposes to:

  • amend the Liquid Fuel Supply Act 1984, specifically to require a minimum ethanol content in relation to the total volume of motor spirit sales in Queensland,
  • allow the required percentage and relevant periods to be determined by Regulation if required,
  • stimulate the orderly development of, and investment in, a fuel ethanol industry in Queensland,
  • stimulate regional and rural development through the creation of an alternative and stable market for feed stock produced in Queensland and the creation of new jobs in the fuel ethanol industry,
  • improve the quality of unleaded petrol and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles in Queensland by blending a minimum quantity of the oxygenate, ethanol, with unleaded petrol used in Queensland,
  • reduce Queensland’s reliance on foreign oil imports and Queensland motorists’ exposure to the vagaries of the global oil market, and
  • take advantage of the emerging second generation technology producing ethanol from lignocellulosic (such as wood residues, municipal paper waste, grain sorghum, agricultural residues and dedicated energy crops), eliminating the need to use traditional food crops and creating a renewable, clean and green liquid fuel alternative to fossil fuels.


On 3 April 2014 the Member for Condamine, Mr Ray Hopper MP, introduced the Liquid Fuel (Ethanol) Amendment Bill 2014 (the Bill) into the Queensland Parliament.  In accordance with Standing Order 131 of the Standing Rules and Orders of the Legislative Assembly, the Bill was referred to the State Development, Infrastructure and Industry Committee for examination and report.

Submissions closed:     1 August 2014.
Public briefing:           27 August 2014 - transcript
Public hearing:           10 September 2014

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