Safer Waterways Bill 2017 (LAPSED)

ABOUT The Bill

On 25 May 2017 Mr Shane Knuth MP, Member for Dalrymple introduced the Safer Waterways Bill 2017 into the Queensland Parliament.  The Bill was referred to the Agriculture and Environment Committee for detailed consideration. The committee is due to report on the Bill by 27 November 2017.

According to the Explanatory Notes, the Bill provides for the establishment of a Queensland Crocodile Authority to be located in Cairns, and for the appointment of the authority’s Director by the Legislative Assembly. In addition to managing the authority’s affairs, the functions of the Director specified in the Bill include to:

  • take measures to minimise injuries and deaths caused by crocodiles in the State
  • coordinate research and surveying of crocodiles and crocodile eggs
  • make recommendations to Parliament about crocodile management
  • declare and manage crocodile reserves, and authorise persons to farm crocodiles
  • decide the number of crocodile eggs that may be harvested each year
  • decide the number of crocodiles that may be culled, and authorise persons to carry out the culling
  • ensure the prompt management of rogue crocodiles
  • authorise persons to otherwise display, interact with, keep, take or use crocodiles or crocodile eggs
  • ensure carcasses of crocodiles that are authorised to be killed are dealt with so that, as far as possible, no part of a carcass is wasted, and
  • refer offences related to crocodiles and crocodile eggs to the police service.

The Bill also provides for the appointment and operations of the Board of Queensland Crocodile Authority to assist, and make recommendations to, the Director, and to report annually to the Minister about the Director’s performance. 

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call for Submissions

The call for submissions closed on 18 August 2017.   Accepted submissions can be viewed via the 'View Submissions' tab above.   


Submissions closed 18 August 2017
Public briefing   9 August 2017 Transcript Watch: Member's briefing
Public briefing   6 September 2017 Transcript Watch: Departmental briefing
Public hearing  11 October 2017 Transcript Watch: Public hearing
Public hearing  30 October 2017 Cairns Regional Council Chambers, Cairns

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