Oversight of the Auditor-General during the 56th Parliament

Oversight of the Auditor-General

The committee has statutory responsibilities with regard to oversight of the Queensland Auditor-General.

The committee's role is to:

  • monitor and review the Queensland Audit Office’s (QAO) performance of it functions
  • report to the Legislative Assembly on:
  • any matter concerning the QAO, its functions or the performance of its functions the committee considers should be drawn to the attention of the Legislative Assembly
  • any changes to the functions, structures and procedures of the QAO that are desirable for more effective operation of the QAO or the Auditor-General Act 2009
  • examine the annual report of the QAO and, if appropriate, comment on any aspect of the report
  • deal with the five yearly strategic review reports of the QAO.

The committee must be consulted on:

  • the QAO’s strategic audit plan
  • the proposed budget for the QAO for each financial year
  • the five yearly strategic review of the QAO, including the terms of reference and the appointment of the strategic reviewer
  • the selection process for and appointment of a person as Auditor-General
  • a motion to remove or suspend the Auditor-General.

More information on the Queensland Audit Office and the Auditor-General can be found here.

Public briefings

Public briefing 2020 -  Thursday, 23 April 2020 - program - transcript

Public briefing 2019 The committee held a public briefing with the Auditor-General on 11 February 2019. The transcript of the briefing is available under the "Related Publications" tab.

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