Youth Justice Reform in Queensland


On 12 October 2023 the Youth Justice Reform Select Committee was established to conduct an inquiry to examine ongoing reforms to the youth justice system and support for victims of crime.

The terms of reference for the inquiry are:

  1. A select committee, known as the Youth Justice Reform Select Committee be established to examine:
    1. ongoing reforms to the youth justice system; and
    2. support for victims of crime.
  2. In undertaking the inquiry, the Committee consider:
    1. the prevention of entry and diversion of youth offenders from the justice system with specific consideration of risk and protective factors that reduce crime;
    2. effective ways to stop recidivism and protect the community from offending and the opportunity for community-controlled organisations with specific reference to the role of First Nations peoples to provide support solutions and services;
    3. the efficacy of:
      1. justice programs including on-country programs, education, health and housing services;
      2. reducing people carrying weapons;
      3. evidence-based early intervention and prevention programs;
      4. reducing the numbers in custody on remand;
      5. alternatives to detention;
      6. detention and other consequences of offending;
      7. the most suitable infrastructure used for custody, detention or residential components necessary to reduce crime; and
    4. systems and processes to provide immediate and ongoing support for victims of crime.
  3. The Committee:
    1. has the power to call for persons, documents and other things;
    2. may present reports to the Legislative Assembly as it determines;
    3. ceases at the dissolution of this parliament.
  4. Standing Order 203 does not apply and a question before the Committee is decided by a majority of the votes of the members present and voting, plus one member.
  5. The Committee consists of seven members.

View: Legislative Assembly motion on the Inquiry 


In December 2023 the committee agreed on a number of priority areas arising from the committee's inquiry to date. The priority areas can be read here.


The first round of submissions on the terms of reference for the inquiry closed 10 January 2024.

On 31 January 2024 the committee resolved to re-open submissions in response to the committee’s seven priority areas and its terms of reference. This submission round will close at 10am on Friday, 1 March 2024.

Guidelines for making a submission to a parliamentary committee are available here:  Guide to making a submission. Please ensure your submission meets these requirements. 

To make a submission click here.

Submissions considered by the committee can be viewed under the ‘View Submissions’ tab.



Committee Secretary
Youth Justice Reform Select Committee
Parliament House
George Street
Brisbane Qld 4000

Submissions must include:

  • the author’s name
  • if the submission is made on behalf of an organisation, the level of approval (e.g. a local branch, executive committee or national organisation), and 
  • at least two of the following:
  • email address
  • mailing address, and
  • daytime telephone number.

Please ensure your submission includes the above or it may not be considered by the committee.



The committee will hold a public and private briefing on 4 March 2024 with officers of government departments. The committee will also hold a public hearing on 8 March 2024 with Mr Brett Nutley and Elders.

The committee held public hearings on the inquiry in regional areas during February 2024. Public hearings were held in Townsville, Cairns, Mount Isa and Rockhampton. 

The committee also held public hearings in Toowoomba, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

The committee has held public briefings by officers of government departments.

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Submissions close:

Friday, 1 March 2024 - 10:00am

Public hearings:

Wednesday, 22 November 2023 - Brisbane - 9:00am - Program - Transcript - Broadcast Pt1 - Broadcast Pt2
Thursday, 23 November 2023 - Brisbane - 9:00am - Program - Transcript - Broadcast
Friday, 24 November 2023 - Brisbane - 9:00am - Program - Transcript - Broadcast
Wednesday, 6 December 2023 - Brisbane - 1:45pm - Program - Transcript - Broadcast 
Monday, 5 February 2024 - Townsville - 1:00pm - Program - Proof Transcript
Wednesday, 7 February 2024 - Cairns - 1:00pm - Program - Proof Transcript
Friday, 9 February 2024 - Mount Isa - 10:30am - Program - Proof Transcript
Friday, 16 February 2024 - Toowoomba - 10:30am - Program - Proof Transcript
Wednesday, 21 February 2024 - Brisbane - 1:30pm - Updated Program - Proof Transcript
Thursday, 22 February 2024 - Southport - 11:30am - Program - Proof Transcript
Friday, 23 February 2024 - Sunshine Coast - 10.30am - Program
Tuesday, 27 February 2024 - Rockhampton - 10.30am - Program
Friday, 8 March 2024 - Brisbane - 9.00am

Public briefings:

Tuesday, 5 December 2023 - Brisbane - 9:00am - Program - Transcript - Broadcast
Wednesday, 6 December 2023 - Brisbane - 9:00am - Program - Transcript - Broadcast (Part 1) - Broadcast (Part 2) 
Wednesday, 21 February 2023 - Brisbane - 11:00am - Program - Proof Transcript
Monday, 4 March 2024 - 9.30am

Site visits:

Thursday, 7 December 2023
Monday, 5 February 2024
Tuesday, 6 February 2024
Thursday, 8 February 2024

Table Interim Report:

Thursday, 28 March 2024

Report due date:




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