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Pass that law

Discover how bill becomes a law through the parliamentary legislative process with this flow chart activity. Includes a PMI reflection about unicameralism and parliament as a law making body.



Christmas Eve holiday bill activity

This activity provides a framework for teachers to examine the different reasons and ways that individuals and groups participate in the legislative process by engaging with parliamentary committees


Parliamentary Seating Plan

Students can often be surprised to find out that Members of Parliament have a seating plan! Students can explore the concepts of government, opposition, minor party and independent and other key roles in parliament with the interactive seating plan. Alternatively have students colour a blank seating plan to demonstrate understanding of majority/minority and locate your local Member of Parliament. 
Print the folding diorama in colour on A3 card to assist students in further exploring the look and feel of the parliamentary chamber, locating elements such as Speaker, Clerk, and the Mace on the Table of the House.


Ways of making decisions

These activities allow students to consider the strengths and weaknesses of decision making processes in relation to a set question (funding Maths or English) or a question of your choosing. This can then be used to springboard for discussions regarding civics and citizenship for example representative democracy, juries and voting.  

The Parliament as a law making body teacher resource provides examples of how to extend on the decision making activities to facilitate analysis of strategies used in parliamentary systems.  


Petitioning Queensland Parliament

This activity allows students to create a petition regarding an issue of their or your choosing. Students can work individually or in groups to create draft petitions, then present to other students acting as ministers to respond. 


See the petitions guidelines page for more information.


A Day in the Life of an MP

In this activity, students explore the role of a Member of Parliament by considering a range of tasks a Member may undertake on a non-sitting day. Students evaluate each activity option, prioritise and make decisions in order to produce a schedule for a day in the life of a Member of Parliament.


Additional Resources


Vocabulary/glossary sets covering key vocabulary used in the videos and a range of learning areas available via Quizlet. Students can work though using the Quizlet site, or lists can be downloaded and printed. 


Kahoot quizzes linked to video resources and key concepts like Three Levels of Government. To access the quizzes, search for user 'QldParliament' after logging into your Kahoot account.