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Maintain the commercial supply of Queensland fish and seafood

Eligibility - Queensland citizens

Principal Petitioner:

Karen Collard
PO Box 392
Clayfield Qld 4011

Total Signatures - 704

Sponsoring Member: Clerk of the Parliament

Posting Date: 9/04/2015

Closing Date: 14/07/2015

Tabled Date: 16/07/2015

Responded By: Hon Bill Byrne MP on 10/08/2015

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland Citizens draws to the attention of the House:  that all citizens of Queensland deserve access to fresh, wild caught Queensland seafood.  The State government's policy aims to establish three (3) net-free fishing zones in north and central Queensland which will restrict commercial fishing activities. Your petitioners:


  • Support sustainable commercial fishing in my local area - don't shut it down!
  • Support the public's right to have access to fresh, wild caught Queensland seafood, we need local commercial fishers to catch it.
  • Oppose net-free fishing areas as they will deny Queenslanders their right to access the best seafood in the world.

Reduced access to fishing areas will lead to the demise of family owned commercial fishing businesses. This will have major negative flow-on effects to supply chain businesses, regional employment and therefore significantly impact delicate local economies.


The commercial fishing sector needs to be recognised and acknowledged as an essential primary food producer that is a significant contributor to the economy. Equally as important, commercial fishing allows the general public (who do not have the means or opportunity to go fishing), to be able to access and enjoy wild caught Queensland seafood as consumers.


Your petitioners therefore request the House to block legislation that introduces resource allocation through the establishment of net-free fishing zones in Queensland.