Save East Brisbane State School

Eligibility - Queensland residents
Principal Petitioner:
Michele McEachern
C/- PO Box 7305
Total Signatures - 3,069
Sponsoring Member: Dr Amy MacMahon MP
Posting Date: 2/6/2023
Closing Date: 15/9/2023
Tabled Date: 10/10/2023
Responded By: Hon Grace Grace MP on 9/11/2023
TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House the proposed $2.7 billion Gabba Stadium demolition and rebuild for the 2032 Olympics will close the 124-year-old, heritage listed East Brisbane State School, with a significant cost to taxpayers and impact to the local community. It leaves the community of East Brisbane, Kangaroo Point and Woolloongabba without a school; will increase traffic in an already congested and growing part of Brisbane; creates a longer commute to school for families located in Kangaroo Point and decreases green space with the resumption of Raymond Park.

East Brisbane State School P&C conducted a survey in March 2023 where 92.71% of respondents supported the retention of the school within the current catchment. Education Queensland proposed three options to the school community in February 2023, none of which involved retaining a school in East Brisbane. East Brisbane State School is an active travel school and for many families, the proposed school site in Coorparoo would be unworkable. For example, for a child in Kangaroo Point, this could be approximately a 4.2 kilometre walk, without safe footpaths. The East Brisbane community needs a school in East Brisbane.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to ask the Queensland Government plan for a school in East Brisbane and Kangaroo Point to create a lasting positive legacy for this community.