Urgent consideration of light rail between Ingham and Townsville

Eligibility - Queensland residents
Principal Petitioner:
Jai Philpots
C/- Hinchinbrook Electorate Office
PO Box 399 Ingham Qld 4850
Total Signatures - 669
Sponsoring Member: Mr Nick Dametto MP
Posting Date: 19/4/2023
Closing Date: 12/6/2023
Tabled Date: 13/6/2023
Responded By: Hon Mark Bailey MP on 13/7/2023
TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House, the lack of long-term planning for transport infrastructure between Ingham and Townsville. 

The concerns are most pronounced on Woolcock Street, which is frequently congested in multiple areas. Projects presently underway or in planning between Townsville and Ingham are not required to allow for future transport options such as light rail and are presently limited to road infrastructure. The benefits of light rail to link Ingham to Townsville would allow freer access for those unable to drive and provide an alternative option should the Bruce Highway be closed. 

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to adjust any current and future TMR projects between Ingham and Townsville to allow railway corridors for a light-rail project.