Evidence required from the Queensland Government about COVID-19 injections to minimise the cases and severity of the disease

Eligibility - Queensland residents
Principal Petitioner:
Alan Ballard
PO Box 5023
Total Signatures - 2,096
Sponsoring Member: The Clerk of the Parliament
Posting Date: 22/7/2022
Closing Date: 30/8/2022
Tabled Date: 31/8/2022
Responded By: Hon Yvette D'Ath MP on 30/9/2022
TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House the following:

1. As of 20 July 2022, the Queensland Health website reports 1,414,382 COVID-19 cases, 56,618 active cases, and 1,034 hospitalisations.

2. As of 20 July 2022, 92.8% of Queenslanders are fully vaccinated and 94.4% have received one COVID-19 injection. (NB: COVID-19 vaccines are still only “provisionally approved” in Australia.)

With the current resurgence of COVID-19, the people of Queensland would like to understand the medical advice behind the government’s strong insistence that all citizens, including expectant mothers, infants and children, be vaccinated. Clearly the claimed high number of vaccinated Queenslanders is not translating to flattening the curve for cases, hospitalisations and deaths from COVID-19.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to provide a more detailed and factual account of the impacts of vaccinations against COVID-19 in the community by providing the following information: 

1. Queensland’s monthly number of cases and deaths from diseases of the respiratory system (including COVID-19) over the last ten years across all age groups.

2. Since 20 February 2022:

a. daily number of admissions to Queensland hospitals for COVID-19

b. daily number of admissions to Queensland hospitals of patients who have had at least one COVID-19 injection

c. monthly diagnosis of myocarditis, pericarditis and other heart conditions compared to the previous ten years across all age groups

d. monthly number of deaths from all causes in Queensland compared to the previous ten years across all age groups.