Continue the use of all methods, including dogs, to control feral pigs

Eligibility - Queensland residents
Principal Petitioner:
Sam Floss
C/- PO Box 399
Total Signatures - 5,650
Sponsoring Member: Mr Nick Dametto MP
Posting Date: 14/4/2021
Closing Date: 24/5/2021
Tabled Date: 25/5/2021
Responded By: Hon Mark Furner MP on 3/6/2021
TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland residents draw to the attention of the House the State Labor Government’s review into the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001. The agricultural and hunting industries are extremely concerned about the implications this review may have on feral pig management with the use of hunting and working dogs across Queensland. 

The use of dogs for feral pig management within inaccessible and accessible crops and pastures is a highly effective, cost effective and humane way of managing feral pest animals and without this, catastrophic loss and untenable biosecurity breaches will be of consequence. 

Section 42 of the current Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 permits the killing of feral or pest animals so long as the act is done in a way that causes the animal as little pain as is reasonable and the control complies with any conditions prescribed under a regulation. The Act as it stands is workable for the agricultural and hunting industry.

Your petitioners therefore request the House do all within its power to prevent a legislative ban on dogs, trapping, baiting, and shooting for controlling feral or pest animals and prevent any changes to the Section 42 of the current Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 and its associated Regulations including the Animal Care and Protection Regulation 2012.