Climate change (caused by humans) finally disproved

Eligibility - Queensland residents
Principal Petitioner:
Rodney Hutcheon
358 Nicholson Road
Total Signatures - 680
Sponsoring Member: The Clerk of the Parliament
Posting Date: 11/10/2019
Closing Date: 24/11/2019
Tabled Date: 26/11/2019
Responded By: Hon Leeanne Enoch MP on 6/1/2020
TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House the USA Antarctic ice core drilling by Professor Solomon proves climate change has always happened on Earth. The ice cores confirm Earth was hotter prior to the industrial revolution than it is now. Since the industrial revolution, and the motor vehicle, Earth has continued to cool even with pollution entering the atmosphere. The planet did start to warm in the late 70’s, however, the overall temperature NASA confirmed is a rise of about 0.5 of 1%. Since about 2000, the temperate has been stable and appears to be actually cooling. We are now seeing record cold temperatures, rainfall and snow coverage in parts of the planet. Greenland was historically never covered with ice. The Vikings lived and farmed Greenland so it is simply returning to its former state. Charles Darwin noted the Maldives were subsiding into the ocean. There is no increase in ocean level, simply the subsiding continuing from Darwin’s day. United Nations predictions from 1970’s that London, Florida, California etc would be under water by 2000 have not come to pass. There has been no increase in ocean level in that time. Scientists agree climate change is happening but the number who believe humans are part of the problem is very low.
Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to acknowledge the current science that clearly finds humans are not responsible for climate change. The Earth’s climate continues to change by its own volition just as it has always done.