Report No. 53, 54th Parliament - Regional Planning Interests Regulation 2014

Committee's Report

The committee reported to Parliament on its consideration of the regulation on 29 October 2014.

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View:     Report No. 53, 54th Parliament - Regional Planning Interests Regulation 2014

The Referral

On 20 June 2014, the State Development, Infrastructure and Industry Committee resolved to inquire into and report on the Regional Planning Interests Regulation 2014.

In its ‘Report No. 35 - Regional Planning Interests Bill 2013’, the committee noted the high level of interest in the Regulation and flagged that it may conduct an inquiry once the Regulation was notified. The committee has determined that as the Regulation provides the detail for the framework legislation it is appropriate to conduct an inquiry into the Regulation.

In undertaking the inquiry the Committee will consider the policy to be given effect by the Regulation, its application of fundamental legislative principles and the lawfulness of the Regulation.

The regulation was tabled in Parliament on 6 August 2014 and has a disallowance date of 30 October 2014.

the regulation

The objective of the Regulation is to give effect to the provisions in the Regional Planning Interests Act 2014 by detailing the land use planning policy which supports the Act.

The Regulation prescribes:

  • a regionally significant water source
  • Strategic Environmental Areas and their environmental attributes
  • regulated activities
  • referable assessment applications
  • assessing agencies and their functions
  • notifiable assessment applications
  • assessment criteria
  • strategic cropping land mitigation requirements
  • application fees, and
  • assessment timeframes.

In addition, the Regulation removes strategic cropping land provisions from the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009.

Submissions closed:  14 August 2014
Public briefing:            3 July 2014. 

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