Report No. 51, 56th Parliament - Community Based Sentences (Interstate Transfer) Bill 2019

About the Bill

On 21 August 2019, the Hon Mark Ryan MP, Minister for Police and Minister for Corrective Services, introduced the Community Based Sentences (Interstate Transfer) Bill 2019.  The House referred the Bill to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee for detailed consideration.  The committee tabled its report on Tuesday 8 October 2019. The Bill was passed on 20 February 2020. 

The Bill proposes to create a new standalone Act to establish Queensland’s participation in a national scheme for the formal transfer and enforcement of community based sentences between Australian jurisdictions.  The Bill would align Queensland with other Australian jurisdictions which have implemented the model legislation underpinning the Bill.

Community based sentences currently available in Queensland that may be transferred under the proposed scheme are:

  • probation orders

  • community service orders

  • graffiti removal orders

  • intensive correction orders

  • drug and alcohol treatment orders.

  • a new offence of child homicide which includes a mandatory minimum non-parole period of 15 years imprisonment.

Committee report

The committee tabled its Report No. 51, 56th Parliament - Community Based Sentences (Interstate Transfer) Bill 2019 on 8 October 2019.




Community Based Sentences (Interstate Transfer) Bill 2019


Explanatory notes


Explanatory speech


Debate of Bill in Parliament 20 February 2020 - transcript (pages 535 to 577)

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Submissions closed:

9 September 2019 refer to ‘View submissions’ tab above

Public briefing:

30 August 2019 - program- broadcast- transcript

Public hearing:

16 September 2019 - program- broadcast (part 1 of 2 and part 2 of 2) - transcript

Report tabled:

8 October 2019 - report

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