Succession to the Crown Bill 2013


The Government consulted with the Crown Law and the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel on the development of the Bill.

Objective of the Bill

The objective of the Bill is to change the law relating to the effect of gender and marriage on royal succession, consistently with changes being made to that law in other Australian jurisdictions and in the United Kingdom, so that the same person is Sovereign of Australia and of the United Kingdom.

At a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in October 2011, the leaders of the 16 Realms of which the Sovereign is Head of State agreed to two reforms to the rules of royal succession.

The Australian, States and Territories Governments have agreed to support the following three reforms to the rules on royal succession proposed by the government of the United Kingdom:

  • To allow for succession regardless of gender;
  • To remove the bar on succession for an heir and successor of the Sovereign who marries a Roman Catholic; and
  • To limit the requirement for the Sovereign’s consent to the marriage of a descendant of King George II to the first six persons in line to the throne.

Other Information

The Succession to the Crown Bill 2013 and the Explanatory Notes are available from the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel at

The Hansard transcript of the Explanatory Speech for the Bill can be found here.


On 13 February 2013, the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, the Hon Jarrod Bleijie MP, introduced the Succession to the Crown Bill 2013 into the Queensland Parliament. In accordance with Standing Order 131 of the Standing Rules and Orders of the Legislative Assembly, the Bill was referred to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee (the Committee) for detailed consideration. 

The Committee was required to report to the Parliament by 27 February 2013.


On 27 February 2013, the Committee tabled its Report No. 22, Succession to the Crown Bill 2013. A copy of the report is available here or can be accessed at Related Publications.

The Government tabled its response to the Committee's report on 2 May 2013. A copy of the Government Response is available here or can be accessed at Related Publications.

The Succession to the Crown Bill 2013 was passed, with amendment, by the Legislative Assembly on 2 May 2013.

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