Report No. 40, 54th Parliament - Environmental Offsets Bill 2014

Committee's Report

The committee's report on the Environmental Offsets Bill 2014 was tabled on 14 May 2014.

An electronic copy of the report (PDF) is available here: Report No 40, Environmental Offsets Bill 2014 The Environmental Offsets Bill 2014 was passed with amendments on 22 May 2014.

View: Environmental Offsets Act 2014
View: Government's response to recommendations contained in Report No. 40, Environmental Offsets Bill 2014
View: Amendments moved during Consideration in Detail
View: Explanatory Notes for the amendments moved during Consideration in Detail

about the bill

The Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection, Hon Andrew Powell MP, introduced the Environmental Offsets Bill 2014 on 13 February 2014.

The Bill was referred to the Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee in accordance with Standing Order 131.

The committee will examine the policies the Bill seeks to give effect to, the Bill’s lawfulness, and the application of fundamental legislative principles, as set out in section 4 of the Legislative Standards Act 1992.

The committee must report to Parliament on the Bill by 28 April 2014.

According to the Explanatory Notes, the Bill’s policy objectives are to:

  1. Facilitate a coordinated environmental offsets framework;
  2. Reduce green tape;
  3. Remove inconsistency between specific-issue offset policies;
  4. Remove duplication of environmental assessments;
  5. Provide stronger environmental outcomes through strategic offset delivery;
  6. Facilitate governance reform of the National Trust of Queensland and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary;
  7. Clarify provisions under the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995; and
  8. Make minor amendments to the Environmental Protection Act 1994 to address unintended operational problems with the application of the Act.

View: Environmental Offsets Bill 2014
View: Explanatory Notes
View: Explanatory Speech
View: Department written summary


Submissions closed on 24 March 2014


Thu 13 Feb 2014Bill referred to the committee for inquiry and report.
Wed 19 Mar2014Public briefing by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection - transcript
Mon 24 Mar 2014Closing date for written submissions
Wed 2 Apr 2014Public hearing and further public briefing by the department - public hearing transcript - further public briefing transcript
Mon 28 Apr 2014Reporting deadline set by the House


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