Oversight of the Independent Assessor during the 56th Parliament

Oversight of the Independent Assessor

The committee has oversight responsibility for the Independent Assessor, as established under Schedule 6 of the Standing Rules and Orders of the Queensland Legislative Assembly (Standing Orders).

Under the Standing Orders (SO 194A), the committee’s functions with respect to the Independent Assessor are to:

  • monitor and review the Independent Assessor’s performance of the functions of the office
  • report to the Legislative Assembly on any matter concerning the Independent Assessor, the Assessor’s functions, or the performance of those functions that the committee considers should be drawn to the Legislative Assembly’s attention
  • examine the annual report of the Independent Assessor and, if appropriate, comment on any aspect of the report, and
  • report to the Legislative Assembly on any changes to the functions, structures and procedures of the Independent Assessor that the committee considers desirable for the more effective operation of the entity or of the Act which establishes the Assessor (the Local Government Act 2009).

More information on the Independent Assessor can be found here.  

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