Report No. 2, 57th Parliament - Forensic Science Queensland Bill 2023


The committee tabled Report No. 2, 57th Parliament – Forensic Science Queensland Bill 2023 on 19 February 2024. The Bill was passed in the Legislative Assembly on 19 March 2024.

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About the bill 

On 29 November 2023, Hon Shannon Fentiman, Minister for Health, Mental Health and Ambulance Services and Minister for Women, introduced the Forensic Science Queensland Bill 2023 into the Queensland Parliament.  The Bill was referred to the former Legal Affairs and Safety Committee. On 13 February 2024, the Legislative Assembly amended Schedule 6 of the Standing Rules and Orders of the Legislative Assembly, establishing the Community Safety and Legal Affairs Committee, and transferred the Bill to the Community Safety and Legal Affairs Committee for detailed consideration.   

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The purpose of the Bill is to ensure high quality, reliable, independent and impartial forensic services for the administration of criminal justice in Queensland by establishing:

  • an independent statutory position of the Director of Forensic Science Queensland
  • a government office called the Office of the Director of Forensic Science Queensland (to be referred to as Forensic Science Queensland) to help the Director perform the Director’s functions
  • the Forensic Science Queensland Advisory Council to monitor and review the policies and procedures of Forensic Science Queensland that relate to the administration of criminal justice, and to give advice or make recommendations about those policies and procedures to the Attorney-General and the Director. The Bill proposes the Advisory Council be comprised of up to 11 members including representatives from police, prosecution, defence, victim support, independent forensic science, and private legal practice.

The Bill includes offences regarding inappropriate disclosure of confidential information and offences for the Director failing to notify the Attorney-General of charges and convictions for indictable offences and insolvency. The Bill also includes transitional provisions to preserve the terms and conditions of employment of Forensic Science Queensland staff whose employment will transition to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General from Queensland Health, and makes consequential amendments to the Evidence Act 1977, the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019, and the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000.

The Bill follows from a recommendation of the Commission of Inquiry into Forensic DNA Testing in Queensland conducted between June and December 2022. Since the Commission of Inquiry released its final report, Forensic Science Queensland has been established on an interim basis within Queensland Health, with an interim Chief Executive Officer, and an interim advisory board to oversee implementation of the Commission of Inquiry’s recommendations. 

Further information

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Submissions closed:Monday 18 December 2023 at 1:00pm
Public hearingMonday 29 January 2024 - program - broadcast - transcript
Public briefing:Thursday 1 February 2024 - program - broadcast - transcript
Report date:Monday 19 February 2024 - report



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