Report No. 42, 56th Parliament - Inquiry into Motor Recreational Activities

committee's Report

The committee tabled its Report No. 42, Inquiry on Motor Recreational Activities on 31 August 2020.

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On Monday 21 October 2019 the Transport and Public Works Committee resolved to inquire into and report to the Legislative Assembly on the contribution of the motor recreational activities (MRA) to Queensland, and in doing so look at the volume and range of MRAs currently practiced by and available to the people of Queensland.

Some of the Motor Recreational Activities currently enjoyed by Queenslanders are:

  • Recreational flying.
  • Engine powered models - including boats, aircraft, cars and now drone racing.
  • Social or Marque car clubs - there are at least 183 registered car clubs in SEQ estimated to service more than 150,000 members.
  • Competitive car clubs - these are venue based, known as Speedway, Drags and Circuit (including go-karting), and non-venue based, such as rallying.
  • Circuit racing and historical motorcycle clubs.
  • Recreational and charity ride days.
  • Dirt motorcycle or motor cross clubs.

In undertaking this inquiry, the Committee should consider:

a.  The economic impact of the motor recreation industry to Queensland, including opportunities to grow the industry to create jobs for Queenslanders;
b.  The contribution of the industry to Queensland’s tourism sector and opportunities to grow Queensland’s share of the motor recreation tourism market;
c.  The legislative, regulatory and policy framework in which the industry operates in all levels of government, and options for reform;
d.  Options to improve the safety of all industry participants;
e.  The impact on youth training and community engagement from motor recreational activities, including health and well-being outcomes
f.  The impact of the industry on road safety outcomes; 
g.  Challenges facing the industry and the role of government in supporting the industry to continue creating jobs for Queenslanders;
h.  Other issues that arise as agreed upon by the Committee.


Submissions closed:13 December 2019
Public hearings:17 February 2020,  Parliamentary Annexe, Alice Street, Brisbane Broadcast - Part 1 & Part 2Transcript
 3 March 2020, Parliamentary Annexe, Alice Street, Brisbane Broadcast - Part 1 & Part 2Part 3Transcript
 16 March 2020 Parliamentary Annexe, Alice Street, Brisbane Broadcast - Part 1 & Part 2Transcript
 18 May 2020 Parliamentary Annexe, Alice Street, Brisbane Broadcast Part 1 & Part 2 Transcript
 15 June 2020 Parliamentary Annexe, Alice Street, Brisbane Broadcast - Part 1 & Part 2 Transcript
Report tabled on:Extended to Monday, 31 August 2020


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