Inquiry into matters relating to donor conception information

about the inquiry

On 24 February 2022 the Legislative Assembly agreed:

That the Legal Affairs and Safety Committee (the committee) inquire into and report to the Legislative Assembly by 31 August 2022 on:

1. Issues relating to access to donor conception information, including:

  1. Rights of donor-conceived persons, including to know their genetic origins;
  2. Extent to which identifying information about donors should be given to donor-conceived persons, taking into consideration the right to privacy of donors;
  3. Access to historical clinical records and implications of retrospectivity;
  4. Access to support and counselling for donor-conceived persons and donors;
  5. Whether a register should be established; and
  6. Benefits, risks and implications on donor conception practices arising from any recommendations.

2. That the committee consider:

  1. Views and experiences of donor-conceived people, donors and industry stakeholders of the current framework;
  2. Current governance/regulatory frameworks, including registers established interstate;
  3. Options to manage collection, storage, and disclosure of identifying and non-identifying information about donors, donor-conceived persons and relatives;
  4. Whether and how to collect and disclose identifying information about donors where a donation was made on the condition of anonymity, including matters relating to consent;
  5. Whether any model should include information from private donor arrangements;
  6. Costs of any proposal including to establish and maintain any register and options for efficiencies, including a user-pays model;
  7. Whether regulating donor conception practices and assisted reproductive technology should also be considered as part of establishing a donor conception register; and
  8. human rights engaged under the Human Rights Act 2019.


Submissions closed on Friday 29 April 2022. Submissions can be accessed under the “View Submissions” tab above.


Submissions closed:5:00pm Friday 29 April 2022
Public hearing:Friday 13 May 2022 - program - Broadcast part 1 part 2 - Proof Transcript
Report due date:Wednesday 31 August 2022
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