Age Discrimination in Queensland relating to stressful, costly, and unwarranted annual medicals for residents 75 and over to retain a driver's licence

Eligibility - Queensland residents
Principal Petitioner:
Malcolm McKellar
12 Hibiscus Court
Total Signatures - 1,762
Sponsoring Member: The Clerk of the Parliament
Posting Date: 7/12/2021
Closing Date: 13/3/2022
Tabled Date: 15/3/2022
Responded By: Hon Mark Bailey MP on 14/4/2022
TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland residents draw to the attention of the House the arbitrary grouping of all people aged 75 and over into a cohort that is presumed unhealthy and thus present an increased danger on our roads is not supported by any detailed or specific data to justify the imposition of this discriminatory burden on every single person in this cohort, much less to do so every year regardless of their individual state of health.

Evidence shows that older drivers do fewer kilometres, drive more conservatively, and have fewer serious accidents than do younger drivers.

Other jurisdictions around the world have either no age restrictions at all (for example, all 50 US States) or rely on alternative approaches such as: doctor/client recommendations; the imposition of such health checks at greater ages, such as 80, 85 or 90 {Western Australia requires annual testing only from age 80; New Zealand requires testing only every 2 to 5 years, depending upon medical, from age 75); the provision of waivers of up to five years where the individual is clearly healthy (as in WA, and with 8 year licences issued in some US States); the imposition of provisional licences; and allowances for remote and regional residents where the automobile is often the only means of transport.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to abolish this unjustified, stressful, costly, and outdated discriminatory requirement for annual medical checks for Queenslanders aged 75 or older in order for them to be able to continue to drive on our roads.