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27 Feb

Forum: Political trust – If you need somebody you can trust, trust yourself! Monday 27 February 2017 6pm in Red Chamber, Parliament House

In 2016 the world witnessed the Brexit vote in Britain and the outcome of the US election. Both were the culmination of a long-term trend of declining popular trust in government institutions, political parties and politicians, and in each case the electorate defied the political establishment. In December the Australian National University published its report ‘Trends in Australian Political Opinion: Results from the Australian Election Study, 1987-2016's’ which showed a massive decline in political trust, and last week the 2017 Trust Baromoter by Edelman was released revealing that Australians faith in politics, media and business is eroding at a rapid rate.

With a State election due sometime before Jan 2018 the ASPG-Q is hosting a forum to ask the question what does the implosion in political trust represent for Qld?

This forum will have ANU’s Professor Ian McAllister present his findings from the highly regarded Australian Electoral Study, and a distinguished panel will discuss the collapse in political trust and if is there a rebellion brewing in Queensland.

Bookings can be made through - https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/forum-political-trust-in-decline-what-does-this-mean-for-queensland-tickets-31665345902?aff=eivtefrnd


ASPG Queensland has a range of exciting events planned for 2017

We will host discussions and presentations about Queensland political history and important milestone events in public policy. We will be working with some of Queensland’s brightest and most promising students in the study of parliament. Watch this space for more details of our exciting events planned for 20167.

Recent Events

End of Year Drinks: reflecting on more than 20 years of ASPG-Q

December 2016

ASPG-Q members and friends celebrated under the stars at the parliament’s new rooftop space at the End of Year function on 30 November 2016. Everyone enjoyed the reflections of Professor Roger Scott and Dr Paul Reynolds and it was a privilege to hear from these experienced and knowledgeable speakers, who have contributed so greatly to ASPG-Q over the years.

Please refer to the Transcripts page of this website for a record of the evening’s speeches.

Annual Australasian Study of Parliament Group Conference 2016

5 – 7 October 2016

This year’s annual ASPG conference was held in Adelaide, South Australia, from Wednesday 5 October 2016 to Friday 7 October 2016. The conference had as its theme: “The Restoration and Enhancement of Parliaments’ Reputation”. The conference provided an opportunity to consider a wide range of issues and share ideas.

Discussion Panel: Fixed, four-year terms for Queensland?

14 March 2016

To help set the scene for the referendum on fixed, four-year terms in Queensland, the ASPG-Q hosted a special discussion panel event at 6pm on 14 March 2016 in the Legislative Council Chamber at Parliament House. The discussion was moderated by Deputy Speaker Ms Di Farmer MP, the member for Bulimba, and featured distinguished guests who canvassed both sides of the argument from a variety of perspectives.

An audience question and answer session and discussions followed some robust opening remarks from our panellists.