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3 Sept 2018

AGM and special event: Celebrating women in Parliament 3 September 2018

More details will be posted as they become available.

18-20 Jul

2018 ASPG national conference - Trust in Parliament in a post-truth World18-20 July 2018

The 2018 conference was a great success, with a stellar collection of presenters, sparking discussion and topical debate.

A transcript of all conference events will be made available on our Transcripts page. Papers made available at the conference will be published on the national ASPG website in due course.

Recent Events

2018 ASPG national conference - Trust in Parliament in a post-truth World

18-20 Jul

ASPG Queensland and the Queensland Parliament are proud to host the 2018 ASPG conference. An exciting program is planned with world renowned scholars, media experts, politicians and parliamentary practitioners.

Panel discussion on the composition and dynamics of the new 56th parliament

5 March 2018

The ASPG-Q is presenting a panel discussion on the outcome of the 2017 state election and the composition of the new 56th parliament. Join us for a lively observation of the election results and what impact the composition of the new parliament will have on the workings of government moving forward.

Collection management and use of political ephemera in Queensland

22 May 2017

ASPG-Q members and friends delighted in the presentation of Dr Lorann Downer as she shared the research she is undertaking on political ephemera as Adjunct Research Fellow at the State Library of Queensland. It was fascinating to learn about the significance and value of political campaign material – as time goes by this ‘ephemera’ takes on added historical meaning and significance.

A transcript of the evening is now available on our Transcripts page.