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2017 Annual Conference Australasian Study of Parliament Group (Tasmanian Chapter)

Engaging Parliament: Fostering Parliament’s relationship with its stakeholders.
When: Wednesday 27 – Friday 29 September 2017
Where: Hobart, Tasmania

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Conference Papers

11 & 12 July 2008 Parliament and the People: Participation, Representation and Engagement Friday, 11 July 2008 - Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 626kb]
Saturday, 12 July 2008 - Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 453kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Increasing Public Participation in the Work of Parliamentary Committees. Robyn Webber Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 35kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Kicking the Cornerstone of Responsible Government Legislators' perspectives - the case of commercial-in-confidence. Cleaver Elliott and Peter Keele Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 42kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Marketing Parliamentary Committees. John Uhr Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 29kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Parliamentary Committees in New Zealand: A house continuously reforming itself? Dr Elizabeth McLeay Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 64kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Parliamentary Committees in Queensland. Wayne Goss Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 25kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Permanent Commissions of Inquiry and the Parliamentary Interface. John Hatzistergos Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 35kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Public Sector Attitudes to Parliamentary Committees: A chairman's view. Max Trenorden MLA Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 17kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Radical Democracy on Committtees in an MMP Parliament. Liz Gordon Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 31kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Select Committees and their Role in Keeping Parliament Relevant. Do New Zealand select committees make a difference? Marcus Ganley Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 39kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference Senate Estimates Committees. Senator John Hogg Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 22kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference The Grand Inquest of the Nation - A Notion of the Past? Neil Laurie Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 49kb]
Brisbane 2000 Conference The Three Committee Systems of the Australian Parliament - a developmental overview? John Halligan, John Power and Robin Miller Transcript of Proceedings [PDF 30kb]