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Statistics 2017

2017 Statistics

This page contains statistical information, prepared by the Table Office, providing an overview of the work of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland for the period 1 January to 31 December 2017.

2017 Statistical Summary
    Sitting weeks 11
    Sitting days 34
    Average duration per sitting day [hrs:mins]
     (Includes suspensions : for example, for meal breaks)
    Total duration - all sitting days [hrs:mins]
     (Includes suspensions : for example, for meal breaks)
    Total duration - suspensions [hrs:mins] 58:57
    Sittings after midnight 5
    Total duration - sittings after midnight [hrs:mins] 5:55
    Bills introduced - government 46
    Bills introduced - private Members 12
    Bills passed - government 43
    Bills passed - private Members 1

    Bills referred to committees

    Questions asked in Question Time 618
    Questions asked on notice 1,775
    Ministerial 449
    Private Members 267
    Total petitions 160
    Petitioners - all petitions 145,113
        Paper petitions 75
        Petitioners - paper petitions 38,605
         e-petitions 85
         Petitioners - e-petitions 106,508
Tabled Papers
    Tabled papers
     (Includes papers tabled on sitting and non sitting days)
Business conducted in the Assembly
    Question Time [hrs:mins] 33:48
    Ministerial Statements [hrs:mins] 21:13
    Private Members' statements [hrs:mins] 15:06
    Private Members' motions [hrs:mins] 20:46
    Bills - government [hrs:mins]
     (Includes introduction and debate)
    Bills - private Members [hrs:mins]
     (Includes introduction and debate)
    Other parliamentary business [hrs:mins]
     (Includes matters of public interest, adjournment
     debate, disallowance of statutory instruments, address-in-reply, etc.)