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Pacific Motorway Upgrade Project, Daisy Hill

Eligibility - Queensland residents

Principal Petitioner:

Margaret Whannell
48 Veronica Avenue

Total Signatures - 71

Sponsoring Member: Barbara Stone MP

Posting Date: 11/10/2011

Tabled Date: 11/10/2011

Responded By: Hon Craig Wallace MP on 11/11/2011

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

The petition of residents of the State of Queensland draws to the attention of the House the Pacific Motorway Upgrade Project at Daisy Hill. No consistent plans are in place to reduce the noise and air pollution that local residents living along Winnetts Rd, Boronia Ave, Lobelia Ave and surrounding areas are experiencing.  Noise and air pollution have increased markedly.  It will increase further when the project is finished as residents along Winnetts Rd, Boronia Ave and surrounding streets will be exposed to the constant 24 hour noise of 14 lanes of traffic.


Noise levels increased when the small forest between Winnetts Rd and the freeway was demolished. Presently, a number of streets act like tunnels for noise and air pollution to travel into the surrounding areas, this will increase as no sound barriers are planned.


The offer of air conditioners as a solution is not satisfactory. Electricity costs are increasing and most residents can't afford to run air conditioners constantly.


Your petitioners therefore request the House to produce with community consultation, an acceptable, consistent plan to reduce noise and air pollution for residents of Daisy Hill near Winnetts Rd and implement this plan as part of the construction of the project and either


(i) Resume the properties from Vine Street to Dahlia Street and create parklands behind a sound barrier or
(ii) Provide adequate double glazing and air purification units for these residents.