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Townsville City Council - water tax, dismiss Council and move forward elections

Eligibility - Queensland citizens

Principal Petitioner:

Jonathan Mehigan
8 Burford Ct

Total Signatures - 2292

Sponsoring Member: Hon Craig Wallace MP

Posting Date: 23/11/2010

Tabled Date: 23/11/2010

Responded By: Hon Desley Boyle MP on 21/12/2010

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

The petition of citizens of Queensland draws to the attention of the House, to the fact that: Townsville City Council is mismanaging public revenue.  The Mayor of Townsville has introduced a massive rate hike on its citizens in the form of a separate water utilities bill, while also increasing General Rates.  Prior to the 2008 Election, Cr Tyrell stated that "I have never been a supporter of Council's that have tried to tell residents that their general rates have increased only modestly, while slugging them with massive increases in water, sewerage and garbage".  Yet Mayor Tyrell has done exactly this.  Townsville's debt is one of the worst in the State, and ratepayers face a bill more than double that of their Brisbane counterparts after council made capital commitments while already swamped with debt.  After the amalgamation of the twin cities, the level of debt was at a record high of $250million, now a short time later the level of debt is tipping over $400million and it's only going to increase with the level of spending by this council.  The people of Townsville hold no confidence in the Mayor and believe the excessive general rates and the price gouging from the utilities bill is indication of a Council that cannot effectively manage the needs of the people.


Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to scrap the water tax in the form of a separate utilities bill to residents, and dismiss the council and move forward elections.