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Installation of noise barriers for Palm Lake Resort

Eligibility - Electors of the Division of Chatsworth

Principal Petitioner:

Ray Perrin
150/2 Ford Court

Total Signatures - 203

Sponsoring Member: Steve Kilburn

Posting Date: 8/06/2010

Tabled Date: 8/06/2010

Responded By: Hon Craig Wallace MP on 21/07/2010

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

The petition of electors of the Division of Chatsworth (Palm Lake Resort) draws to the attention of the House that the second part of the original project referring to "The Gap" be completed and funded with the balance of the $480,100 being $242,980.


The amount of $480,100 was approved and allocated by the Honourable Craig Wallace, Minister for Main Roads for noise barriers for Palm Lake Resort.


We were informed by email 29 September 2009 regarding the use of these funds for reinstatement of original noise barrier and the continuation of the new noise barrier to close "The Gap" between the end of the unfinished noise barrier constructed by Leighton Abigroup Joint Venture and the existing 6 metre noise barrier at the northern end of the village installed by Walter Elliott Holdings to comply with requirements.


We have read in print a Government report which states that a reflective noise barrier is costed at $380 per sq metre including all Government and contractors contingencies.


Our estimate based on this costing for reinstating noise barrier (southern end) which is 208 metres in length and a maximum of 3 metres in height would be $237,120 all inclusive.  (NB. materials from the original noise barrier were used for the cladding reflective profile.)


Your petitioners therefore request the House to call upon the Department of Main Roads to continue negotiations with Palm Lake Resort residents regarding the installation of noise barriers.