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Draft State Planning Regulatory Provisions (Regional Plans)

Eligibility - Queensland citizens

Principal Petitioner:

Garry Hopkins
540B Henderson Drive

Total Signatures - 1172

Sponsoring Member: Hon Warren Pitt MP

Posting Date: 10/09/2008

Tabled Date: 10/09/2008

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland
The petition of citizens of Queensland draws to the attention of the House the Draft State Planning Regulatory Provisions (Regional Plans). This legislation prohibits rural residential subdivision, boundary realignments, and sets a 60 hectares minimum lot size in rural areas ignoring variations in the value and potential of land, disadvantaging intensive horticulture and reducing productivity. Where existing boundaries disadvantage current land use, the regulations prevent boundary realignment thus removing the process to correct anomalies. The regulations reflect planning objectives based on subjective assessments unsupported by facts. Rural residential subdivision encourages self-sufficiency, reduces pressure on increased urban density and infrastructure, particularly in relation to water, sewerage and urban support. We question the discouraging of lifestyles choices, the dream of living outside closely populated urban centres, embracing self-sufficiency, renewable resources and a sustainable lifestyle. This should be encouraged in the public interest rather than creating obstacles as contained in the Regulations. The regulations imposes unacceptably high urban densities in the Urban Footprint, more suited to large cities. People relocating to FNQ are escaping these higher densities and the problems they generate. This legislation restricts applications for changes in land use and impinges democratic rights and processes, usurping the Minister's authority. Your petitioners request Parliament to amend the regulations reflecting variations in land quality, position and value, setting urban densities more aligned with the region and that avenues for representation and the authority of the minister be preserved.