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Queensland Parliament Building


Unicameral legislatures, or parliaments with only one chamber, are uncommon in Westminster parliamentary democracies. It is generally considered that the preferred parliamentary model is two chambers with both a Lower House and an Upper House of review.

Womens Suffrage

Petition Cover
In 1894 the Women’s Equal Franchise Association (WEFA) initiated a double petition – one for women to sign and the other for men – which played a key role in galvanising support for the women’s suffrage movement across Queensland. A second group of women through the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union canvassed support again in 1897.

Elections and Referendums

Elections and Referendums
Queenslanders have participated in eight State-sponsored referendums since the establishment of the Queensland Parliament. The first was in 1899 and the last in 2016.

Key Dates and Events

Queensland Electoral and Parliamentary History: Key Dates and Events

Governors of Queensland

As the personal representative of the Sovereign, the Governor must always remain non-political. The Governor represents all Queenslanders and it is their duty to ensure that Queensland always enjoys stable government. The Governor has a range of other duties.

History of Parliament House

On 6 June 1859, Queen Victoria approved the creation of a new colony to be called Queensland. On 10 December of the same year, Sir George Ferguson Bowen arrived in Brisbane as the new colony's Governor and officially proclaimed the Colony of Queensland.

O'Donovan Library and Collection

O'Donnovan Library
The O'Donovan Library and its collection is housed on level C of Parliament House, in the original second level of the Library as designed by the Parliamentary architect, Charles Tiffin.

P150 Celebrations

The Queensland Parliament marked it's 150th anniversary in 2010