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196 14/02/2019 Table, undated, titled 'Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) Figures GO
195 14/02/2019 Article from the Courier-Mail, dated 8 February 2019, titled ‘Minister says Redland Hospital will be expanded, but no time frame’ GO
194 14/02/2019 Article from the Courier-Mail, dated 7 February 2019, titled ‘Redland Hospital: Doctor reveals bed shortages, safety concerns in open letter to community’. GO
188 14/02/2019 Table depicting VET student numbers in various jurisdictions GO
187 14/02/2019 Bundle of correspondence, various dates, relating to interactions between Enco Precast Pty Ltd and the Office of Industrial Relations GO
186 14/02/2019 Document, undated, titled ‘Enco Precast Pty Ltd – Timeline of events with Office of Industrial Relations’ GO
185 14/02/2019 Letter, dated 14 February 2019, from the member for Toowoomba South, Mr David Janetzki MP, to the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Hon. Yvette D’Ath, requesting an application for revocation of bail for Jayden Moorea (Dan Shearin) GO
183 14/02/2019 Extract of bank account regarding container exchange scheme GO
182 14/02/2019 Photograph, undated, depicting transaction receipt regarding container exchange scheme GO
181 14/02/2019 Article from the Island and Surrounds News, edition 2019 - Issue 33, titled 'Pumicestone Electorate News'. GO
171 14/02/2019 Document, undated, titled ‘765th Council Meeting 27 November 2018: Economy, Planning & Environment Committee Meeting 21 November 2018’ GO
168 13/02/2019 Letter, undated, from the member for Bundamba, Mrs Jo-Ann Miller MP, to the Chief Executive Officer, Ipswich City Council objecting to an application for material change of use by Austin BMI. GO
167 13/02/2019 Photograph, undated, depicting Baloon Cave, Carnarvon National Park damaged after a bushfire in 2018 GO
166 13/02/2019 Photograph, undated, depicting Baloon Cave, Carnarvon National Park GO
165 13/02/2019 Letter, dated 8 February 2019, from the Director-General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Mr Dave Stewart, to the member for Burleigh, Mr Michael Hart MP, regarding the finding from a Department of Housing and Public Works investigation that a breach of the Queensland Government Advertising and Marketing Communication Code of Conduct had occurred GO
164 13/02/2019 Article from the Daily Mercury, dated 9 February 2019, regarding referral of a matter to the Crime and Corruption Commission by Mr Robert Schwarten, a Queensland Building and Construction Commission board member GO
163 13/02/2019 Email, dated 11 February 2019, from Mr Ken Pearce to various recipients titled 'Townsville Flooding – Ross River Dam, Mismanagement of major public infrastructure continues in Queensland with devastating consequences for the community, costing billions' GO
162 13/02/2019 Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships: Queensland Closing the Gap Snapshot Report Card 2018 GO
158 13/02/2019 Correspondence, dated 7 December 2018, from the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Hon. Mark Bailey, to the Speaker, Hon. Curtis Pitt, responding to allegations that he misled the House. GO
157 13/02/2019 Correspondence from the member for Coomera, Mr Michael Crandon MP, to the Speaker, Hon. Curtis Pitt, regarding possible misleading of the House by the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Hon. Mark Bailey. GO
146 12/02/2019 Article from the Gold Coast Bulletin, dated 28 October 2018, titled 'New revenge porn laws will result in a "flood" of cases going through the courts’ GO
145 12/02/2019 Document, undated, by the Inspector-General Emergency Management titled 'The 2019 Monsoon Trough Rainfall and Flood Review: Terms of Reference for a review of preparedness for an response to the monsoon trough rainfall and flooding event across Queensland' GO
144 12/02/2019 Correspondence in relation to the allegation by the Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts, Hon. Leeanne Enoch, that the member for Maiwar, Mr Michael Berkman MP, deliberately mislead the House GO
116 12/02/2019 Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Amendment Bill 2019, explanatory notes GO
111 12/02/2019 Speech by His Excellency the Governor, dated 11 December 2018, titled ‘Presentation of the Address-in-Reply for the first session of the 56th Parliament of Queensland’. GO
110 12/02/2019 Letter, dated 30 November 2018, from His Excellency the Governor to the Speaker advising of assent to a certain bill on 30 November 2018 GO
1987 18/12/2018 Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal : 2018 Review of Allowances, Determination 18/2018, 18 December 2018 GO
1986 17/12/2018 Cross River Rail Delivery Authority - Cross River Rail Project - Probity Plan for Project Participants: Transaction Stage GO
1971 10/12/2018 Queensland Government response to the New Generation Rollingstock Train Commission of Inquiry report GO
1970 10/12/2018 New Generation Rollingstock Train Commission of Inquiry—Final report-December 2018 GO
1938 26/11/2018 Ministerial Gifts Register – Reportable Gifts 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2018 GO
1937 26/11/2018 Speaker's statement - Answers to questions on notice GO
1935 23/11/2018 Speaker's Ruling - Questions on Notice, Out of Order, Anticipation of Debate GO
1920 15/11/2018 Poster, undated, titled 'The Truth about who sold Queenslands Assets' GO
1919 15/11/2018 Media article from the Australian Financial Review, dated 14 October 2014, titled ‘Despite assurances, Queensland on asset selloff binge’ GO
1916 15/11/2018 Document, undated, titled ‘Cross River Rail: Probity Protocols’ GO
1915 15/11/2018 Document, dated 5 November 2018, titled ‘Statutory Declaration’ GO
1899 14/11/2018 Liberal National Party map, undated, titled 'Queensland Shark Control Program' GO
1898 14/11/2018 Extract, dated 6 November 2018, from the Facebook page of the member for Whitsunday, Mr Jason Costigan MP, in relation to Melbourne Cup meeting GO
1897 14/11/2018 Article from the Courier-Mail, dated 10 November 2018, titled ‘Shark warnings ignored’ GO

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