No.SummaryNumber of SignaturesClosing Date
2780-17Business case for improvement of Mount Lindesay Highway409/10/2017
2779-17Bridge at Bellbowrie16722/08/2017
2778-17Road congestion through and north of Logan Village122/09/2017
2774-17Expanded Park n Ride facilities at Nudgee train station6822/08/2017
2773-17Formation of a new state from part of the territory of the State of Queensland7515/12/2017
2772-17Is flaring (burning) of gas in the Queensland gas fields safe for the people living there12019/08/2017
2768-17Upgrade of Exit 4527307/08/2017
2767-17The plight of two so-called "death row" dingoes, baited with 1080 implants and stranded on Pelorus Island13207/08/2017
2766-17The naming of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing390231/07/2017
2765-17Captioning for Queensland Parliament broadcasts9108/08/2017
2764-17Strathpine Railway Station Upgrade1631/08/2017
2763-17Ferrets illegal as pets in Queensland4025/10/2017
2762-17Upgrade to bus services between Ormeau Railway Station and Coomera Railway Station 1507/08/2017
2761-17Upgrade of Exit 4111707/08/2017
2760-17Upgrade to Ormeau Railway Station Car Park507/08/2017
2759-17Upgrade to Coomera Railway Station Car Park1307/08/2017
2756-17Water security of Atherton Tablelands/Cairns Basin3511/11/2017
2750-17Exit ramp for Olley's Orange Country Market58504/11/2017
2749-17New hospital for Coomera6407/08/2017
2748-17Mount Crosby and Warrego Highway interchange29207/08/2017
2745-17Upgrade Bicentennial Bikeway as part of Queens Wharf Development53207/08/2017
2744-17Meeting the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder in Queensland hospitals18407/08/2017
2743-17Sex offenders and paedophiles tracking in Queensland12311/10/2017
2742-17Mandatory autism training/education for paediatric nurses, doctors and therapists26607/08/2017
2739-17Rectify Child Safety's complaints process14404/09/2017