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Archived Committee Broadcasts

Please note: Only the most recent broadcast for each committee is available for viewing or listening. For previous committee proceedings a transcript of the proceedings may be available on the relevant committee’s inquiry page, under the 'Related Documents' tab.

You may have noticed that the broadcast of the Legislative Assembly is now available through the Parliament TV website on all types of devices. We are working on upgrading the live Committee broadcast in the same way, however, while we are working on this, Committee broadcasts will continue to be presented through the existing systems. Accordingly, please note you will still require Windows Media Player to view the broadcast of the committees until mid-2017.

Notice to all users – Parliament of Queensland Act 2001

This broadcast is protected by the powers, immunities and rights of the Legislative Assembly, but further publication of the broadcast (in whole or in part) is not similarly protected.

The broadcast of proceedings is not the official record of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly or its committees and cannot be used to contradict, add to or impugn the accuracy of the official reports of debates (Hansard). (Section 57 of the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001 provides that the reports of the debates (Hansard) are the accurate record of what happened in the Legislative Assembly). Therefore, the broadcast material should not be quoted or used in any proceedings such as legal proceedings.

Further Publication

Under sections 50 and 58 of the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001, the Legislative Assembly and its committees has authorised further publication of the broadcast subject to the conditions set out below under the heading “Conditions of Access.” The further publication of the broadcast in contravention of any of the conditions set out under the heading “Conditions of Access” is a contempt of Parliament under section 58 of the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001.

Conditions of Access

The Legislative Assembly authorises the further publication of this broadcast of the proceedings of the Queensland Parliament, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The material must only be used for the purposes of fair and accurate reports of proceedings and must not in any circumstances be used for;
    1. political advertising, election campaigning or any advertising campaign that would normally require at law a broadcaster to announce who has authorised the material;
    2. satire or ridicule; and
    3. commercial sponsorship or commercial advertising;
  2. Reports of proceedings must provide a balanced presentation of differing views;
  3. Excerpts of proceedings are to be placed in context so as to avoid any misrepresentation;
  4. Excerpts of proceedings which are subsequently withdrawn may be rebroadcast only if the withdrawal is also rebroadcast; and
  5. Points of order, and matters claimed to be points of order may be rebroadcast except:
    1. statements in respect of which a member claims misrepresentation or otherwise seeks withdrawal, and which are subsequently ordered to be withdrawn, or are voluntarily withdrawn, are not to be rebroadcast; or
    2. if the House or the Speaker or Committee Chairperson, in accordance with the Standing Rules and Orders and practice of the Legislative Assembly, orders that a statement be expunged or deleted from Hansard, either at the time that the statement was made or at a later time, the statement, the Speaker’s or Chairperson's direction and the proceedings relating to the matter, are not to be rebroadcast.

(Details of any order of the Speaker or the Legislative Assembly, or any practice, relevant to Condition 5 above are available from the Office of the Clerk of the Parliament.)

Breach of Conditions of Access

Use of the broadcast material in contravention of a condition imposed by the Legislative Assembly or its committees will constitute a contempt of Parliament.


Users must accept this disclaimer.

The information provided is made available in good faith and is derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of release on the Internet. However, the information is provided solely on the basis that listeners will be responsible for making their own assessment of the matters discussed herein and are advised to verify all relevant representations, statements and information in the official reports of debate (Hansard).

Changes in the circumstances after the material is placed on the Internet may impact on the accuracy of the information. Additionally, materials may be maliciously vandalised. No assurance is given as to the accuracy of any information contained after publication on the Internet.

Each user waives and releases the State of Queensland acting through the Legislative Assembly and the Parliamentary Service and its servants to the full extent permitted by law from any and all claims, whether in negligence or otherwise, relating to the usage of material or information made available through these pages. In no event shall the State of Queensland acting through the Legislative Assembly and the Parliamentary Service and its servants be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from use of material. The State of Queensland acting through the Legislative Assembly and the Parliamentary Service and its servants do not accept liability for any injury, loss or damage, whether in negligence or otherwise, incurred by reliance on the information provided in the audio broadcast and the associated web pages or information incorporated into them by reference.

I ACCEPT the Conditions of Use and Disclaimer

In order to experience the broadcast of Parliament, you will need Windows Media Player. If you do not have Windows Media Player already, please click here to download the free player. If you are having any difficulty with viewing the broadcast, please consult the Windows Media Player help page.