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Tabling Procedures and Guidelines

Tabling Reports and Other Documents



Hard and Electronic Copies of Documents

A single hard copy of all reports and other documents required to be tabled by statute or the Standing Orders must be provided to the Clerk (this will be the actual document tabled). In addition, the Committee of the Legislative Assembly determines the number of hard copies to be supplied to the Clerk (Standing Order 24).  Hard copies need only be photocopies of the report and do not need to be formally printed documents.

From 1 January 2013, the following quantities must be provided:

Document Paper copies required
Annual Reports 10
Financial statements included in annual reports as CD     2
Financial Reports 10
Reports eg. Parliamentary Committee, Auditor-General, Ombudsman, Information Commissioner, Crime and Misconduct Commission, statutory officers 25
Reports and other documents where there is a request to circulate to all members in the Chamber immediately after tabling 90
Reports on Ministerial Call In 2
Reports of a Commission of Inquiry or similar 40
Overseas travel reports 2
Documents on CDs 2
Budget papers and ministerial portfolio statements 146
Bills and Explanatory Notes 100
Erratum to Bill Explanatory Notes 100
Amendments to Bills and Explanatory Notes 60
Subordinate legislation 10

In all cases, an electronic copy of all documents required to be tabled by statute or the Standing Orders must be supplied for publishing on the Parliament’s Tabled Paper Database.

Electronic versions should be:

– in searchable PDF format (not a scanned image)
– consistent in content and otherwise with the paper copy to be tabled
– provided as a single document only
– emailed to TableOffice@parliament.qld.gov.au

Documents over 5MB should be provided on a CD and delivered to the Table Office (Room A.18, Parliament House, Cnr Alice and George Streets, Brisbane)

Any enquiries relating to electronic versions should be directed to the Table Office: Tel. 07 3406 7158 or TableOffice@parliament.qld.gov.au.

Tabling on Non-Sitting Days

Only the Speaker, Ministers, the Governor and Parliamentary Committee Chairs may table documents on non-sitting days by transmitting the documents to the Clerk for tabling (Standing Orders 31 and 217).

There is no provision for Assistant Ministers or backbench members to table documents on non-sitting days.

Documents for tabling in accordance with Standing Orders 31 and 217 should be provided to the Clerk during business hours of the Table Office (8.30am to 5pm on non-sitting days).

Covering Letter

Documents transmitted to the Clerk for tabling must be accompanied by a covering letter requesting that the documents be tabled in accordance with the relevant legislation and/or Standing Orders.

The covering letter should specify each document to be tabled, particularly financial statements included in annual reports as a CD and any annual reports that comprise more than one volume.

Covering letters should be signed by the Minister or the Member.

Timing of Tabling on Non-Sitting Days

Documents provided for tabling on non-sitting days are tabled and published on the Parliament’s Internet website as soon as practicable after they are received by the Clerk. Therefore, the covering letter should clearly state if the document is to be embargoed until after a specific time.

It should be noted that documents can be embargoed up until a particular time, but no guarantee can be given that documents will be tabled at a nominated time on the tabling day.

Notification of Tabling on Non-Sitting Days

On non-sitting days, an automated email advice is generated from the tabled papers database when a document has been tabled. This is sent to Members and other clients who have subscribed to the service. The Table Office forwards this email to the relevant ministerial/departmental officer as confirmation that a report has been tabled.

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Tabling on Sitting Days

Ministers and Members may table documents during the parliamentary proceedings on sitting days. They may also transmit documents to the Clerk of the Parliament to table on the next sitting day on their behalf (Standing Order 32).  Note, this is restricted to the time set aside in preliminary business for Notification and tabling of papers by the Clerk.

Documents for tabling in accordance with Standing Order 32 should be provided to the Clerk by 5pm on the day before the required tabling date. The Table Office should be contacted if this timeframe cannot be met.

Erratum Pages

If an erratum is tabled by transmitting it to the Clerk at the same time as the report to which it relates, the erratum may be stapled inside the report at the appropriate point. Where multiple copies of reports are provided, the erratum slip must also be stapled inside each copy. In these cases, no separate written request for tabling the erratum is required.

If an erratum is tabled at the same time as the report to which it relates, but is not stapled inside the report, or if the erratum is tabled at a different time to the report to which it relates, a covering letter must be provided to the Clerk requesting that the erratum be tabled.

A loose-leaf erratum must be provided on A4 paper. The first page of the erratum should clearly indicate the report to which it relates.

Further Information

All enquiries relating to these requirements and guidelines should be directed to the Senior Parliamentary Officer (Papers and Research) on 07 3406 7904 or email TableOffice@parliament.qld.gov.au.