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Frequently asked questions - Committees

How many Members are there on each committee?

Most committee's have six members. (The Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee has seven members.)

How is membership of each committee determined?

The Leader of the House nominates three Members (four in the case of the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee) and the Leader of the Opposition nominates three Members to each committee. The Legislative Assembly, by resolution, approves these nominations.

How do I find the membership of parliamentary committees?

The membership of each committee can be viewed through the 'Membership' link on each committee's web page.

How often does each committee meet?

This depends on the committee and its workload. Some committees meet in excess of 60 times a year, whilst others only meet two times a year. Generally, most committees meet at least once each sitting week of Parliament. A committee will also meet outside sitting times if issues require consideration and committee members are available.

How do I obtain copies of committee reports?

Reports are available on-line from the Reports pages for each committee. Committee secretariats will also email reports upon request.

You can order reports by email via the links below. Send your name and address and the name of the report/s you want.


Committee reports are also available from GoPrint.

When tabled, committee reports are available on-line through the Tabled Papers Database

How can I receive information and updates about committee inquiries?

You can register your interest in an inquiry on-line on the Subscribe pages for each committee. This will ensure that you receive all publications and notices about an inquiry.

How do I raise issues for the attention of parliamentary committees?

Parliamentary Committees value input from members of the public about:

  • information that may assist their inquiries
  • issues that may warrant attention in future inquiries
  • comments about their reports and recommendations.


The Contact pages provide details on how to get in touch with committees. Committees endeavour to respond to all letters and emails sent to their secretariats.

How do I provide a submission or other information to committees?

You can use the Submission pages for each committee. If you wish the submission or other information to be kept confidential, please mark the top of each page 'Confidential'. Include a brief statement of the reasons why you seek confidentiality. Committee members and staff are obliged not to divulge information the committee deems confidential unless the committee or the Legislative Assembly has resolved otherwise.

Where can I get copies of tabled submissions made to committee inquiries?

An electronic copy of tabled submissions may be found under the Current Inquiries pages for each committee. Copies of tabled submissions are also available by contacting the Bills and Papers Office located at Parliament House, Brisbane.