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Parliamentary Internships

The Queensland Parliamentary Research Internship (QPRI)

The Queensland Parliament Research Internship (QPRI) is a program in which students from selected universities are attached to a Member of Parliament or a senior officer of the Parliament to undertake a mutually agreed research project. The internship program is administered by the Chamber, Education and Communication Services section. The Team Leader – Education and Liaison manages the parliamentary aspects of the program.

The Program aims to give university students a first-hand appreciation of the relationship between political practice and theory, an in-depth understanding of the political processes and the role of Parliament, and the opportunity to obtain relevant research experience in a new environment.

The OPRI aims to:

  • Provide a practical framework for interns to acquire knowledge and a greater understanding of the functions and roles of the Queensland Parliament, through the application of theoretical political knowledge to first-hand experience

  • Enhance the intern’s research, analytical capabilities and communication skills, both oral and written

  • Develop the intern’s observational and evaluative skills, and

  • Provide a supported context in which the intern can develop a professional orientation towards politics.

What is an Internship

The parliamentary internship is based on a mutually agreed partnership between the student and his/her Parliamentary Supervisor. The student agrees to carry out a research project on a topic/issue of direct interest to the Parliamentary Supervisor.

In return, the Parliamentary Supervisor agrees to provide the support necessary for the project to be completed within a set timeframe.

The partnership operates under a set of conditions mutually agreed to and ratified by the relevant university and the Parliament. Each intern has an Academic Supervisor appointed by the university where they are enrolled.


The internship program subject is offered by the universities usually in second semester. However, exceptions may be made, if required, to offer an internship within an alternative timeframe. 

For more information

Internship brochure 

Annemarie Groth

Team Leader – Education and Liaison


Phone (07) 3553 6413